DEINZER has stood for professionalism and quality in the field of serial production of POS solutions and product displays for over 50 years. We have been successfully supporting our customers in the daily sale of their products at the point of sale since 1966. For millions of shoppers we are a daily guide in the product jungle. For our customers we are a reliable partner in the development of practical solutions for a wide range of applications in stationary retail.

The most important stations on our way:

  • 1966: Founded by Friedel Deinzer
  • 1978: Continuation and purchase by Heinrich Becher
  • 2001: Michael and Thilo M. Becher join the management
  • 2006: Foundation of DEINZER Portuguesa Lda (Portugal)
  • 2008: office, production and storage space of over 20,000 sqm
  • 2013: Integration of digital/holographic display technologies
  • 2014: 1st appearance at the fair EUROSHOP
  • 2016: 160 employees at DEINZER and DisplayTeam
  • 2018: Entry of the Leo Family Holding as strategic investor
  • 2021: Stefan Lepers gets new CEO

Our corporate guidelines:

from left to right: Michael Becher, Stefan Lepers (CEO), Thilo M. Becher