Display Superstar Winner 2021 – GOLD

“Slim. Attractive. Striking.” – these are the attributes that the “Mascara Tower”- but also fits its theme world. Together with L’Oréal, we have created a particularly valuable and functional solution. The small footprint and the 360 degree concept skilfully take up the design language of the products. In addition to the flexibility provided by interchangeable placement aids and the casters used for high mobility, the choice of materials and the elaborate printing provide the necessary link between practicality for the drugstore retailer as a partner of our industrial client and the eye-catching effect for the shopper to stand out from the crowd.

Due to the 360 degree construction there are only “chocolate sides” of the display. The shopper is always on the right side and is invited to test and store. The processing is reversible in order to be able to return the raw materials to the recycling loop at the end of the life cycle if required.

At this year’s Display Superstar Award 2021, the display was awarded GOLD.

Award: Display Superstar 2021 – GOLD
Category: Small series
Client: L’Oréal
Key Account: Vincenzo Di Natale