Systematically for more success at the POS.

THE SHOP : Storage and presentation of goods
THE RAIL: Innovative LED technology for every sales shelf
THE SHELF: Modular sales shelf with system

Are you interested in our system solutions? Download initial information here in advance:

Flyer THE SHOP (PDF, 220 Kb)
Flyer THE RAIL (PDF, 220 Kb)
Flyer THE SHELF (PDF, 220 Kb)



Sustainable sales solutions for the POS

What will the POS of the future look like. We have looked into this and other questions for you and have developed a catalogue of measures that shows how we want to make tomorrow’s POS better and, above all, more sustainable today. You can download the brochure on this topic here.

Brochure “Sustainability at the POS” (PDF, 3,2 MB)



Future & Innovation

Future technologies at the POS

What’s new at the POS? What opportunities are offered by new, digital technologies at the point of sale? In our folder “Future technologies” we show you some of our latest developments in this area, here for you to download.


Display Catalog 2020

POS solutions for every sector

In our current Display Catalogue 2020 you will find an overview of different POS solutions according to industry. You can also find out how the production of a sales solution takes place in our company. From the idea to the finished display. Order your own freshly printed copy by mail. Call us or write to us:
Phone: +49 2173 39988-0 or