We see ourselves as a full-service provider and are one of the few providers on the market who can offer the entire value-added chain of display production from a single source. We provide you with all-round support right up to on-site assembly. At our location in Langenfeld we currently employ approx. 160 people.

Consulting & Coordination

Holistic from A to Z

With us every project begins with the right advice. Based on the customer’s marketing strategy, we jointly develop solutions for the stationary trade that meet the customer’s long-term marketing objectives. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Brainstorming & Creation

Award winning creativity

The creative performance within the scope of an integrated handling is in the foreground. We employ our own creative team, which takes care of the implementation of an eye-catching product presentation at the POS. It is not for nothing that numerous displays have received coveted awards from us.


Sample construction

From sample to series

Im Musterbau wird auf Basis der Vorschläge aus der Designabteilung ein Prototyp entwickelt. Hauptaufgabe hierbei ist es, die funktionalen, statischen und logistischen Anforderungen zum Einen und die Serientauglichkeit der Konstruktion zum Anderen sicherzustellen.

Spezialisten für verschiedenste Materialien arbeiten bei DEINZER Hand in Hand. Wir fertigen für Sie materialübergreifend Prototypen aus Holz, Metall oder Kunststoff, je nach Produkt, Kundenwunsch und Einsatzort (Platzierung) des Displays.



For highest load capacity

A long-lasting use of the product carriers is a priority for our customers. This is one of the reasons why many displays are based on a metal structure that can withstand the great strain of daily use.

Metal is a material that requires highly sophisticated processing. The know-how of our various production departments, but also a machine park that is always oriented towards the latest state of the art makes us a leading producer in the industry.


Wood Processing

Craftsmanship with precision

Precision and years of experience are required in wood processing. Due to its noble appearance, wood as a material is particularly suitable for exclusive product presentations in the manufacture of displays, especially for high-quality products. We are able to manufacture almost any display, whether sales display, floor display, counter display or product display made of wood.


Plastics processing

Flexibility in shape and colour

Plastics processing enables us to produce alternative shapes, colours and printing at low cost. The use of high-quality, transparent or coloured materials is also possible. They give the display additional attention. A wide range of machinery gives us flexibility in the production process and gives you independence in the choice of materials for your display.



Assembly of your displays

If required, we also assemble your sales merchandise into displays. This means significant time and cost savings for you. We are able to cover peak demand periods, such as product launches, with a flexible pool of personnel.

If you have specific questions on this topic, please write to us.
We will gladly answer your questions.


Warehousing & Logistics

Storage on a grand scale

Many of our customers are internationally positioned. In these cases, new displays are used in different countries, often at the same time. This not only requires exact planning and preparation, but also means a logistical challenge that we face.

Due to our own storage areas at various locations, we are able to keep even large quantities of displays ready for use on site and deliver them “just in time”.


Assembly on site

On time, anytime, anywhere.

During final assembly, many individual parts become a whole. Individual parts produced in the process are brought into and against each other with a perfect fit and then packed for transport. A final quality check ensures that the display meets all quality requirements.