High-quality, variable and well thought-out – we meet these requirements with our shop system for presenting KLICKfix® bicycle accessories: not as an off-the-peg solution, but as a system that we have carefully developed ourselves in order to be able to present the special features and functionality of the products in a convincing and appealing way.

Adapter modules

On the specially developed adapter modules, the products click into place as they would on a bicycle and can be tried out directly. The individual modules are attached to crossbars hanging on the wall and can be aligned horizontally as well as vertically by means of a single wing screw and finally fixed in place. Different product combinations are thus lined up in an orderly and appealing manner.

Light boxes

In addition to the illuminated KLICKfix® headers, the large light box is another eye-catcher. This can be hung horizontally above the shelf or vertically in the shelf. There are three horizontal and two vertical motifs to choose from to create themed worlds.

The individual structure

Every salesroom is different and our shop system is correspondingly adaptable. The system is based on various modules that can be individually combined so that it fits into different shop situations in the best possible way and optimally takes into account the space available and the range of products.

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