It has become almost a small tradition that we donate our Christmas budget to a selected sustainability project at the end of the year. This year, we are happy to support the children of “MöWeg” in creating a new nature experience space.


Experiencing more nature again.

The great project of a nature experience room especially for children immediately excited us, because on the one hand it is sustainable and on the other hand it is aimed at those who had to spend more time at home, especially in the last months, and enables them to directly participate. That’s why this year we will use our budget to support the creation of a nature experience room specifically for children. A nature experience room offers children more than an ordinary playground. Namely, space to experience nature in a very natural and playful way.

The Goal

Playing outside – like in the old days

Many scientific studies prove that children need self-determined play outside and small adventures in nature in order to grow up healthy, to develop an understanding of natural interrelationships and to learn risk competence and a sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, this kind of play is taking place less and less. With the establishment of a nature experience room, we would like to support this outdoor play, as it was common in the past, to practice more often again. Nature experience rooms offer this possibility.


The Action

Participation is welcome!

The special feature of this project is also the involvement of local residents and children in the development and design of the area with their own ideas and wishes. All interested residents, conservationists, parents and children are invited to support the city of Langenfeld and participate in future actions on the area.


Strong partners

The climate protection team

As a company based in Langenfeld, we also want to make our contribution and are promoting this project with strong partners such as the NRW Foundation and the Rhineland Regional Association, under the leadership of the Climate Protection Team of the City of Langenfeld.



Making a difference together

All interested citizens, conservationists, parents, neighbors and of course all children are already invited to visit the Biological Station and the city at future actions on the area (for example, planting, care or outdoor play actions) and to participate.



Summer 2022

The planned completion of the area is scheduled for summer 2022. However, this is not the end of the story, because the newly created space is to be successively made more attractive and, above all, kept in tact through further measures. This requires regular maintenance and care.