This year, we will dedicate our Christmas budget to climate protection. By reforesting an area of forest that was particularly plagued by bark beetles and hit by severe storm damage, we are lending a hand ourselves: By planting 1,600 seedlings of oak and beech …



Forest concerns us all

The German forest is in a bad way. This is also shown by the forest status report of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. We got a picture for ourselves, right on our doorstep. The persistent drought in recent years has also favored the spread of the bark beetle there …


The area

10,000 square meter area

The city of Langenfeld has designated a forest area to us that is particularly affected by the bark beetle and storm damage. On the area – about 10,000 square meters – particularly many trees have fallen victim to the beetle, have died or had to be felled due to the heavy infestation. 



The action

First preparations …

Equipped with sturdy shoes and armed with spades, the area was inspected under expert guidance, as well as the procedure, process and initial preparations and groundbreaking.  




City of Langenfeld

Our commitment would not have been possible without the city of Langenfeld. Therefore, we would like to express our special thanks to Verena Wagner (City of Langenfeld, Department of Environment and Transport) as well as the forestry officers Mr. Zimmermann and Mr. Wende for their expert support.





Let’s do it together 

Whether in the office or out in nature, teamwork counts. When it comes to climate protection, we can also achieve a lot together. Let’s do it.



Growth 2021

The goal: 20 tons less CO2 – per year

Did you know that a single beech tree can absorb around 13 kg of carbon dioxide from the air each year? By planting 1,600 beech and oak trees, we want to give some of the raw materials we have taken back to nature and at the same time ensure fewer greenhouse gases in the air. Our goal is 20 tons less CO2 per year.