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Hygiene protection walls for the Bergische Krankenkasse

In the course of the corona pandemic, hygiene protection measures represent one of the greatest challenges for stationary trade. Whether at the point-of-sale in retail stores or in public institutions, wherever people come into direct contact with each other, suitable protective measures are needed to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Protective walls made of acrylic can provide a suitable remedy. They offer protection against unwanted spreading of sneezing and spitting particles and create distance without losing proximity to the customer.

Under the business unit Deinzer Safety, Deinzer GmbH offers acrylic hygiene protection walls for equipping pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries, offices and the retail trade: wherever people, employees and customers come together. The transparent protective walls offer unrestricted visual contact and at the same time protection against sneezing and spitting. A central pass-through also allows payments or document exchange during customer meetings. The protective walls are modular and ready for use in just a few steps. Dirt can hardly adhere to the non-porous surface of acrylic. Furthermore, the protective walls can be used as advertising space and/or for the placement of hygiene instructions. Either in printed or milled form, the material acrylic offers effective advertising possibilities.

In order to maintain the quality of advice, the Bergische Krankenkasse health insurance company relies on Deinzer’s hygiene protection walls in its offices. The Solingen-based health insurance company has around 150 employees and serves more than 72,000 insured persons and maintains customer centers in the city centers of Bergisch Gladbach, Solingen and Wuppertal.

Photo: Sabine Stamm (Board of Directors Bergische Krankenkasse) and Frank Goworek (Deputy Board of Directors Bergische Krankenkasse)