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Display Superstar Winner 2021 – GOLD

“Slim. Attractive. Striking.” – these are the attributes that the “Mascara Tower”- but also fits its theme world. Together with L’Oréal, we have created a particularly valuable and functional solution. The small footprint and the 360 degree concept skilfully take up the design language of the products. In addition to the flexibility provided by interchangeable placement aids and the casters used for high mobility, the choice of materials and the elaborate printing provide the necessary link between practicality for the drugstore retailer as a partner of our industrial client and the eye-catching effect for the shopper to stand out from the crowd.

Due to the 360 degree construction there are only “chocolate sides” of the display. The shopper is always on the right side and is invited to test and store. The processing is reversible in order to be able to return the raw materials to the recycling loop at the end of the life cycle if required.

At this year’s Display Superstar Award 2021, the display was awarded GOLD.

Award: Display Superstar 2021 – GOLD
Category: Small series
Client: L’Oréal
Key Account: Vincenzo Di Natale

Display Superstar Winner 2021 – SILVER

“Flexible. Modern. Practical.” – that’s how the “Two in One” display for the Ipuro brand can be described. The system is so flexible that different product worlds can be shown and new products can be presented. The shoppers are invited to experience the whole Ipuro – world with all their senses, to grasp and also to “sniff”. The integrated media technology makes high-quality contents possible. the emotions once again so correctly. A stocking supports the team on site for a good availability of the products.

Sustainability is ensured by future-proofing and, at the end of the life cycle, the design takes into account the recycling of recyclable materials.

At this year’s Display Superstar Award 2021, the display was awarded SILVER.

Award: Display Superstar 2021 – SILVER
Category: “Metal – product-carrying”.
Client: Gries Deco Company
Key Account: Mathias Dittfeld

The best displays of the year…

The best displays of the year…

were awarded last week at the “Superstar Night 2021” in Frankfurt. And we were happy to receive two awards!

As the official “Best Display of the Year” – in the category “Small Series” – our “Mascara Tower” for L’Oréal received the GOLD Award. On the evening of the award ceremony, Key Account and Project Manager Vincenzo Di Natale was able to gratefully accept the award on behalf of the team.

We are no less proud of the SILVER award, in the category “Metal – goods-carrying”, for our “Two in One” display of the Ipuro brand from Gries Deco Company. Here, our key account and account manager Mathias Dittfeld accepted the award on behalf of his team and the customer.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for their great commitment!

Handover of keys to new managing director

New managing director of Deinzer GmbH introduces himself.

Stefan Lepers has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Deinzer GmbH. His predecessor Oliver Segendorf hands over this task to his successor after a successful time in the company in order to dedicate himself to new professional challenges near his hometown Hamburg.

Oliver Segendorf has set strong impulses during his time as Managing Director of Deinzer GmbH. With his flair for innovative technologies and a keen eye for growth and secure jobs, he has made Deinzer GmbH fit for the future. He looks back on the past years with pleasure: “To be able to support our customers in overcoming current challenges and to accompany technical innovations was an extremely pleasant task. My thanks go to the entire staff and the countless partners and customers for the trusting cooperation.”

“We naturally respect Oliver’s decision and would like to express our sincere thanks for his commitment and the wonderful time he has had. At the same time, we are pleased that we were able to gain a new managing director in Stefan Lepers, who together with us will continue and further develop the successful work started in recent years,” said Michael Becher, Sales Manager Deinzer GmbH.

Lepers has many years of experience in the management of medium-sized companies and, with his horizon of experience, is the ideal choice in pursuing the chosen path towards more efficiency and sustainability. Especially under the currently prevailing pandemic conditions and the resulting market changes, he focuses his work on the further expansion of sales channels into new markets as well as the development of sustainable sales solutions.

Image references:
No.1) “Handover of keys” from Oliver Segendorf to Stefan Lepers.
No. 2) “Welcome to the team” (from left to right: Michael Becher, Oliver Segendorf, Stefan Lepers, Thilo Becher).

Our man from Cape Verde at the 2021 Handball World Cup

From 13.01. the Handball World Cup starts in Egypt and we are part of it! Because when the 32 participating nations fight for the world championship crown in handball in January, one of Deinzer’s employees will also be on the pitch.

Ivo Santos (28) works for us in the packaging area. At the age of 16 Ivo started playing handball in his home country Cape Verde. His level of performance coupled with his unmistakable talent eventually brought him to the Cape Verde national team. For the last 2 years Ivo has been living in Solingen and has joined the 2nd team of the “Bergischer HC” here, which is currently fighting for promotion to the Nordrhein Liga.

Although Cape Verde may not be counted among the world’s elite in handball and this handball world championship is also the island nation’s first participation in the tournament, they were able to hold their own in the Africa Cup against experienced nations such as Morocco and thus qualify for World Cup participation. On January 17 at 19:00 Cape Verde will play against Germany.

“Of course I’m already a little excited. Even if our chance to win against Germany is small, we want to show ourselves from the best side against the world champion of 2007. Maybe I can also understand a little bit what the Germans are talking about on the pitch during the game. That certainly couldn’t hurt…” said Ivo.

We are curious and wish Cape Verde and especially Ivo good luck at the World Cup!

Happy New Year

A challenging year lies behind us. There have been many developments and projects that have stimulated our team to think in new ways. New business areas were opened up, new products developed and new employees hired.

The fact that everything worked so well is due in particular to the cooperative partnership with our customers and suppliers and the commitment of our teams.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved.

We wish you a good start to the new year and look forward to many exciting projects in 2021.

Hygiene protection walls for the Bergische Krankenkasse

In the course of the corona pandemic, hygiene protection measures represent one of the greatest challenges for stationary trade. Whether at the point-of-sale in retail stores or in public institutions, wherever people come into direct contact with each other, suitable protective measures are needed to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Protective walls made of acrylic can provide a suitable remedy. They offer protection against unwanted spreading of sneezing and spitting particles and create distance without losing proximity to the customer.

Under the business unit Deinzer Safety, Deinzer GmbH offers acrylic hygiene protection walls for equipping pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries, offices and the retail trade: wherever people, employees and customers come together. The transparent protective walls offer unrestricted visual contact and at the same time protection against sneezing and spitting. A central pass-through also allows payments or document exchange during customer meetings. The protective walls are modular and ready for use in just a few steps. Dirt can hardly adhere to the non-porous surface of acrylic. Furthermore, the protective walls can be used as advertising space and/or for the placement of hygiene instructions. Either in printed or milled form, the material acrylic offers effective advertising possibilities.

In order to maintain the quality of advice, the Bergische Krankenkasse health insurance company relies on Deinzer’s hygiene protection walls in its offices. The Solingen-based health insurance company has around 150 employees and serves more than 72,000 insured persons and maintains customer centers in the city centers of Bergisch Gladbach, Solingen and Wuppertal.

Photo: Sabine Stamm (Board of Directors Bergische Krankenkasse) and Frank Goworek (Deputy Board of Directors Bergische Krankenkasse) 

BKS presents locking systems in specialized trade with Deinzer

The Gretsch-Unitas Group manufactures mechanical and electronic locking cylinders, locks and locking systems under the brand name BKS. For the presentation of its systems in specialist shops, BKS GmbH relies on an individual sales solution from Deinzer.

The three letters BKS should be familiar to most people, at the latest when you look at your bunch of keys. Because for over 100 years BKS has stood for locking systems (locking cylinders) made in Germany. But locking cylinders and locks are no longer the only things BKS stands for. The product range now includes both mechanical and electronic systems and covers the entire door technology, such as door fittings, door closers, door locks and much more.

The wide range of technically highly complex systems requires a presentation in the specialized trade that is all the more simple and attention-grabbing. Deinzer has taken on this challenging task of presenting products in need of explanation in an intuitive and easily understandable way with a unique solution. By means of a modular system with exchangeable sample boards, the specialized dealer is able to present the product variety in a variable and professional way.

Depending on the location and area, the BKS systems are presented in an attractive shop-in-shop concept that can be customized in a few easy steps without changing the “look & feel” of the brand. The customer appeal is always maintained by means of certain emotionalization components, no matter which locking system or product is the main focus of sales in the retail trade.

The modular shop-in-shop solution was designed and manufactured entirely in-house at Deinzer, so that the development process was able to rule out any external impasses with regard to deadlines and availability of third parties.

New production manager on board

A few days ago we bid farewell to our highly esteemed production manager Mr. Arnold Falkowski after 21 years with great respect and thanks into his well-deserved retirement.

In order to continue to meet the demands of the market and our customers in the future, we have brought Mr. Agostino Fioravante on board for this demanding task. The 34-year-old holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree from the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) and was most recently team leader of production at the consumer goods manufacturer Mars. Prior to that, he worked for many years as a production and project manager in well-known companies in the automotive and textile industries.

Welcome Mr. Fioravante to the team!

Maximum visibility at kiosk and petrol station

At this year’s POPAI D-A-CH Award 2020, which took place exclusively digitally on the Internet as an exception to the current Covid19 protection measures, our JTI Bucket display for kiosks and gas stations received the Bronze Award.

Many thanks to the jury, the customer and above all to our employees, who proved their creative power especially in the current situation.